Bányagép Kft. is a company owned by Hungarian private individuals engaged in the design and licensing of mining and heavy industry as well as environmental, waste and water management facilities, technologies and techniques.
The industry that produces the objects that are essential to our daily needs requires raw materials and by-products. We can assist in the extraction and processing of these raw materials, the elimination or reduction of by-products and possible contamination, and the operation of facilities.
Our employees have decades of experience in both design and operation in the field of mining-heavy industry and industrial environmental protection.


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In addition to mining planning, our company provides comprehensive expert advice on the sale and purchase of mines, target sites and material extraction sites. Our company knows the areas suitable for mining and the existing mines in the whole territory of the country. We have worked or are working in several places. Our company undertakes to assist you in the sale and purchase of individual mining facilities. The data on the mines for sale are confidential, so we are not able to display them on our website.

In the field of mining, the employees of our company also have extensive experience in the exploration, exploration and extraction of solid mineral resources.

  • research of possible solid mineral resources areas, interpretation of geological data
  • planning and licensing of mining plots, target production sites, material extraction sites - technical operation plan (MÜT), laying of mining plots, final research report, etc.
  • raw material processing planning
  • technical management
  • performing extraction and processing tasks if required
  • sales and installation of technologies and machines with decades of experience
  • development of product qualification procedures
In the field of environmental protection, our employees participated in landscaping and remediation tasks, as well as in the design and construction of waste treatment and recycling plants and equipment.

  • elimination of landscape wounds and sources of pollution
  • development and implementation of recultivation and remediation of tailings and other industrial pollutants
  • processing of the slurry space of previous raw material storage facilities
  • planning and implementation of remediation of contaminated sites
  • disposal and treatment of sewage sludge
  • full environmental permitting, administration - environmental impact assessment (EIA), preliminary inspection documentation (EVD), single environmental use permit (EKHE, IPPC permit), environmental review, etc.
  • performing environmental expert tasks
  • performing the duties of an environmental agent - preparation of a mandatory annual waste declaration, company representation
  • conducting waste management and transportation permits

In the field of earth sciences, our staff has extensive experience in researching solid mineral resources, evaluating research results and developing technical and economic relations. Our colleagues have comprehensive knowledge and experience in the fields of shallow geology, geology, colonization and geomechanics.

  • design and implementation of geological and geophysical raw material exploration
  • providing technical guidance and geological expertise for mining or other special geotechnical tasks
  • expert advice in the field of engineering geology and mining
  • carrying out waste management, hydrogeological and water base protection expert activities
  • development of geological expert activities, quantitative and qualitative assessments of mineral resources

In the field of water management planning, our employees have experience primarily in permitting the planning, operation and disposal of artificial stagnant waters (lakes).

  • preparation of plans for the establishment, operation, survival and termination of water rights
  • design and licensing of water wells
  • the administration of the acquisition of fishing rights
  • social fishing service
  • preparation and analysis of water and environmental monitoring studies
  • preparation of lake closure, lake bed recharge, plans and permits

We have expertise in the design of artificial reservoirs and in the arrangement of wetlands created as a result of mining operations, as well as in the construction of structures related to flood protection.

  • special hydraulic engineering tasks such as sludge dredging, sludge treatment
  • economic evaluation of abandoned water mining operations, planning and licensing of their re-production
  • planning, organization and implementation of technical and biological reclamation of wetlands
  • obtaining permits for the operation and survival plans of artificial lakes, fisheries administration
  • installation and operation of automatic water level measuring equipment

Orientation in surface and subsurface spaces is essential in the everyday life of today’s man. Whether we mention the agricultural, construction, raw materials sectors, the basis of all engineering design is an accurate area survey and its correct interpretation. With our own geodetic instrumentation, GIS programs and trained staff, we can perform tasks during both surveying and mining surveys.

  • performing traditional and special geodetic tasks with an employee with a real estate director qualification
  • land registry, building authority administration, land development
  • performing reliable mine surveys, land mass calculations, map editing tasks in accordance with the relevant legislation
  • agricultural area surveys, land boundary designations
  • professional assessments of motion tests, riverbed surveys, building surveys and results

Our company can provide assistance in the technical and economic evaluation of raw material deposits and mining areas. During the sale and purchase of a mining site, it is important that the parties have accurate data on the technical and geological data of the raw material deposit, the rights and obligations included in the official permits, and the conditions for the long-term operation of the raw material deposit.

  • search for mining areas related to the supply of raw materials for planned investments
  • getting to know possible material extraction sites, examining their commissioning
  • preparation of preliminary fact-finding documentation during the sale and purchase of mining areas
  • expert advice on the implementation of the planned operation
  • the proper compilation of mining rights transfer documentation
  • independent expert (non-real estate) valuation of mining areas

In addition to research and planning, our company can also assist its customers in the design and procurement of extraction and processing equipment. Our cooperating permanent partner is the most successful mining machinery sales and leasing company in the country.

  • Planning the processing of primary and secondary raw materials (breaking, grading, etc.) during mining and waste processing/management/treatment systems processes and organizing the related management
  • Expertise and advice on mining and waste processing equipment




  • Ugod I. –dolomit –S/S Szolgáltató Kft.
  • Sopron II. –gneisz –Öko Tect Kft.
  • Eger III. –mészkő – Omya Hungária Kft.
  • Szentgál I. –mészkő – Meszes Hegyek Mészkőbányászati Kft.
  • Zsámbék I. - dolomit – IKO INVEST HUNGARY Kft.
  • Bajna II. – mészkő – Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. - Felelős műszaki vezetés
  • Budakeszi I. -homokkő – Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. - Felelős műszaki vezetés
  • Bugyi IV. – kavicsos homok, homok –Kamrás Kft.
  • Bugyi XI. –kavics –Ónodi és Társa Kft.
  • Nógrádsáp I. –kavics – KellBell Kft.
  • Kiskunlacháza XIII. –kavics – DBK –Földgép Kft.
  • Rábapaty I. –kavics – Vasi Minerál Kft.
  • Beled V. –kavics – Alpha Kavics és Homok Kft.
  • Mogyoród III. –kavics – SB Dynamic Kft.
  • Bugyi III. –kavics – DDC Kft.
  • Komárom I. – kavics – FODINA Kft.
  • Ács I. – kavicsos homok– Argon-Nova Kft.
  • Ócsa – kavics – DDC Kft.
  • Beled IV. – kavics – ALPHA Kavics és Homok Kft.
  • Bugyi VI. - kavicsos homok – TESBU-KAVICS Kft.
  • Délegyháza XX. – homok, kavics – River Water Energy Kft.
  • Majosháza V. - kavics – River Water Energy Kft.
  • Kiskunlacháza XV. –kavics – Őrsi Kálmán e.v.
  • Muhi IV. – kavics, homok, kevert ásványi nyersanyag – II. Danubiusbeton Dunántúl Kft.
  • Nyékládháza VIII. – kavics – DDC Kft.
  • Rábapaty IV. – kavics – Hunext Kft.
  • Csővár I. –homok – Petrovicz Kft.
  • Ferőszentmiklós I. –homok – Béta Homok Kft.
  • Paks III. –homok – Izsépker Kft.
  • Győrszemere I. – homok – S/S Szolgáltató Kft.
  • Izsák I. -homok – IZSÉPKER PLUSZ Kft.
  • Koroncó I. - homok átmeneti törmelékes – S/S Szolgáltató Kft.
  • Ősi IV. –tőzeg – BB911 Kft.
  • M4 Abony célkitermelő hely – Colas Hungária Kft.
  • M4 Üllő célkitermelő hely – Euroaszfalt Kft.
  • M2 Vác célkitermelő hely – Strabag Zrt.
  • M85 Ferőszentmiklós célkitermelő hely – Dömper Kft.
  • M85 Nagycenk célkitermelő hely – Dömper Kft.
  • Négyes I-II anyagnyerő hely – Swietelsky Magyarország Kft.
  • Neszmély vörösiszap tározó – műszaki felügyelet és monitoring tevékenység
  • Sajóvelezd „Ártéri meddőhányó” – meddőhányó hasznosítási tervezés és engedélyeztetés
  • Pécs „Karolina külfejtés” – tájrendezési munkálatok során műszaki felügyeleti tevékenység
  • Eger III. – mészkő - meddőhányó tervezés és kivitelezés
  • Lövő – Szilveszer Trans Kft.
  • Dunakeszi, Sárospatak – Colas Északkő Kft.
  • Pomáz – Kállai-Bau Kft.
  • Pilisjászfalu – Márkakő Kft.
  • Csopak – Angro-Bau Kft.
  • Budapest – SB Dinamyc Kft.
  • Várpalota – Partner Depónia Kft.
  • Ács – Fodina Kft.
  • Vecsés – Vecsés Város Önkormányzata
  • Maglód - Maglód Város Önkormányzata
  • Délegyháza – Resti Invest Kft.
  • Bugyi – Tesbu - Kavics Kft.
  • Rábapaty – Vasi Minerál Kft.
  • Komárom – Fodina Kft.
  • Fertőszentmiklós – RSD Projekt Kft.
  • Egerbakta I.- diabáz – ZEKKO INVEST Zrt.
  • Izsák I. -homok – Izsépker Plusz Kft.
  • Szigetszentmiklós – TETON PRO Kft.
  • Várpalota – Partner Depónia Kft.
  • Bugyi – Kamrás Kft.
  • Majosháza-Délegyháza – Readymix Kft.
  • Rábapaty – Vasi Minerál Kft.
  • Pilisjászfalu, Piliscsaba – Márkakő Kft.
  • Ugod – S/S Szolgáltató Kft.
  • Sajóvelezd – Pulmonata Kft.
  • Nógrádsáp – KellBell Kft.
  • Fertőszentmiklós, Sopron – Öko Tect Kft.
  • Csővár – Községi Önkormányzat
  • Bénye – Községi Önkormányzat
  • Maglód – Városi Önkormányzat
  • Vecsés – Városi Önkormányzat
  • Budakalász – Városi Önkormányzat



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